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“Date This Super Cute Me!” is a charming light novel that blends romance, comedy, and school life. Written by Mikami Kota and illustrated by Saine, the novel presents a delightful narrative centered on Yuzu Nanamine, a popular high school girl. Yuzu finds herself in a complicated love triangle and decides to ask a classmate to pretend to be her boyfriend. This playful setup leads to a series of humorous and heartwarming events, showcasing the complexities of teenage relationships and personal growth.

Publication Details

The light novel “Date This Super Cute Me!” was published in 2020 and has since gained a significant following. It is available on platforms such as Novel Updates and Foxaholic, where readers can access translated chapters and stay updated on new releases. These platforms provide a space for fans to discuss the story, share their thoughts, and engage with the community.

Plot Summary

Main Storyline

The main storyline of “Date This Super Cute Me!” revolves around Yuzu Nanamine, a confident and popular girl at her high school. Faced with a love triangle involving her friends, Yuzu comes up with a plan to resolve the tension: she asks her classmate, an introverted otaku, to pretend to be her boyfriend. This unexpected arrangement leads to a series of entertaining and touching moments as they navigate their fake relationship amidst the dynamics of high school life.

Key Events: Major Events and Turning Points in the Story

Key events in the story include:

  • The Proposal: Yuzu proposes the idea of a fake relationship to her classmate.
  • Initial Struggles: The duo faces challenges in convincing their peers of their relationship.
  • Growing Closeness: Over time, Yuzu and her classmate develop a genuine bond.
  • Love Triangle Resolution: The original love triangle is addressed and resolved.
  • Real Feelings: Yuzu and her classmate confront their real feelings for each other.

These events form the backbone of the narrative, driving the character development and the evolution of their relationship.

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Characters and Their Dynamics

Yuzu Nanamine

Yuzu Nanamine is a vibrant and confident girl who is well-liked by her peers. She is assertive, outgoing, and often the center of attention. Despite her popularity, Yuzu has a compassionate side and is determined to resolve the love triangle in a way that minimizes hurt feelings. Her character is dynamic, showing growth as she learns about herself and others through the fake relationship.

Male Protagonist

The male protagonist is a quiet, introverted otaku who prefers solitude and is often overlooked by his classmates. Despite his initial reluctance, he agrees to Yuzu’s plan and plays his part as her fake boyfriend. His character adds depth to the story as he navigates the complexities of his feelings for Yuzu. His relationship with Yuzu evolves from awkward interactions to a deep and meaningful connection.


As the story progresses, the fake relationship between Yuzu and the male protagonist starts to develop into something real. Their interactions become more genuine, and they begin to understand and appreciate each other’s true selves. This evolution is portrayed through their growing trust, shared experiences, and emotional support, leading to a heartfelt and authentic bond.

Themes and Genre


“Date This Super Cute Me!” fits into several genres, including comedy, romance, school life, and slice of life. The comedic elements arise from the humorous situations and misunderstandings that occur in their fake relationship. The romantic aspects are highlighted through the gradual development of genuine feelings between the characters. The school life and slice of life genres provide a realistic backdrop for the story, showcasing everyday experiences and challenges faced by high school students.


The novel explores several themes:

  • Friendship: The importance of friendships and how they can be tested and strengthened.
  • Personal Growth: The characters’ journeys toward self-discovery and maturity.
  • Romance: The evolution of romantic feelings and the complexities of love.
  • Pretend Relationships: The dynamics and consequences of engaging in a fake relationship.

These themes are interwoven throughout the story, providing depth and relatability to the narrative.

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Reception and Reviews

Reader Reviews

Reader reviews of “Date This Super Cute Me!” are generally positive, with many praising its engaging storyline and well-developed characters. Fans appreciate the humor, the relatable high school setting, and the gradual development of the characters’ relationship. Some readers, however, criticize the pacing and certain plot points, feeling that some events are predictable or dragged out.


Common criticisms include:

  • Disjointed Storytelling: Some readers find the narrative structure uneven, with sudden shifts in tone or pacing.
  • Character Maturity Issues: A few readers feel that the characters sometimes act inconsistently with their supposed maturity levels, leading to unrealistic scenarios.

Positive Aspects

Despite the critiques, the novel is praised for its wholesome portrayal of relationships and its relatable characters. The gradual build-up of the romance and the genuine interactions between characters are highlights for many readers, making the story heartwarming and enjoyable.

Comparisons to Other Works

Similar Romcoms

“Date This Super Cute Me!” can be compared to other romantic comedies like “Toradora!” and “My Little Monster.” What sets it apart is its unique premise of a fake relationship and the realistic portrayal of high school life. Unlike many romcoms that rely heavily on exaggerated drama, this novel maintains a balance of humor and sincerity.

Distinctive Features

The absence of clichéd drama is a standout feature of “Date This Super Cute Me!” The story focuses more on the characters’ personal growth and genuine interactions rather than over-the-top conflicts. The realistic portrayal of characters and their gradual development make the novel refreshing and engaging for readers who seek a more grounded romantic comedy.

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Publication and Availability

Where to Read

Readers can find “Date This Super Cute Me!” on platforms like Novel Updates and Foxaholic. These websites provide translated chapters and updates on new releases, making it easy for fans to follow the story.

Translation Status

The novel is currently available in English translation, with ongoing updates for new chapters. Translators on platforms like Novel Updates work to ensure that non-Japanese readers can enjoy the story. Availability in other languages may vary, but online communities often collaborate to provide translations in multiple languages.

Related Media and Adaptations

Potential Adaptations

As of now, there are no official manga or anime adaptations of “Date This Super Cute Me!” However, the novel’s popularity and engaging storyline make it a strong candidate for future adaptations. Fans often express their hopes for an anime or manga version to bring the story to a wider audience.

Fan Engagement

The novel has a dedicated fanbase that actively engages in discussions on forums, fan sites, and social media platforms. Fans share fan art, theories, and discussions about their favorite scenes and characters. This active community contributes to the novel’s growing popularity and keeps the excitement alive.

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“Date This Super Cute Me!” is a delightful light novel that combines humor, romance, and realistic high school experiences. Written by Mikami Kota and illustrated by Saine, the novel explores the dynamics of a fake relationship that gradually becomes real. With relatable characters, engaging themes, and a wholesome storyline, it has captured the hearts of many readers.

Final Thoughts

Overall, “Date This Super Cute Me!” is a heartwarming and entertaining read. Its unique premise, realistic character development, and balance of comedy and romance make it a standout in the genre. Readers looking for a light novel that offers genuine emotions, personal growth, and a touch of humor will find this story thoroughly enjoyable.

FAQs About “Date This Super Cute Me!”

1. What is “Date This Super Cute Me!” about?

“Date This Super Cute Me!” is a light novel about Yuzu Nanamine, who asks her classmate to pretend to be her boyfriend to resolve a love triangle within her clique. The story focuses on their evolving relationship and daily lives as a fake couple with contrasting personalities.

2. Who are the main characters in the novel?

The main characters are Yuzu Nanamine, a popular and narcissistic girl, and her classmate, a geeky otaku who prefers solitude. Their dynamic and development as a couple are central to the story.

3. What genres does the novel fall under?

The novel is categorized under Comedy, Romance, School Life, and Slice of Life. It blends humorous and romantic elements with everyday school scenarios.

4. Who are the authors of “Date This Super Cute Me!”?

The light novel is written by Mikami Kota and illustrated by Saine.

5. Where can I read “Date This Super Cute Me!”?

The novel is available on various platforms such as Novel Updates, Foxaholic, and the Internet Archive.

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