This Life Starts as a Child Actor [Inspiring Journey]

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“This Life Starts as a Child Actor” is a captivating manhwa that combines drama, slice of life, and supernatural elements to tell the story of Kang Su-hyun. After a life marked by failures and a fatal accident, Kang Su-hyun is miraculously given a second chance. He wakes up as his younger self and decides to pursue a career as a child actor, aiming to rewrite his destiny and achieve the success that eluded him in his past life. The manhwa follows his journey, capturing the challenges and triumphs he faces as he navigates the competitive world of acting.

Authors and Artists

The manhwa is written by Maneul Sogeum and Mental Garumon, with artwork by Earl Greymon. Their combined talents bring the story of Kang Su-hyun to life, blending compelling storytelling with visually engaging illustrations. Maneul Sogeum and Mental Garumon’s narrative skills create a rich, immersive experience, while Earl Greymon’s art adds depth and emotion to the characters and their journey.

Plot Summary

Main Storyline

The main storyline centers on Kang Su-hyun, a man whose life has been riddled with disappointments and failures. After experiencing a fatal accident, he is unexpectedly given a second chance at life. Kang Su-hyun wakes up to find himself in the body of his younger self, back in his childhood. Determined to change his fate, he decides to embark on a new path as a child actor. Utilizing the knowledge and experience from his previous life, he sets out to navigate the cutthroat entertainment industry, aiming to achieve the success that he couldn’t attain before.

Key Events

Throughout the story, Kang Su-hyun encounters numerous significant events that shape his journey:

  • Initial Realization: Su-hyun wakes up as a child and comprehends his second chance at life.
  • Early Struggles: Facing the challenges of re-entering the world as a child, Su-hyun must adapt quickly and find opportunities to showcase his acting talent.
  • First Auditions: His first auditions are filled with both nervousness and excitement, testing his skills and determination.
  • Breakthrough Role: Su-hyun lands his first major role, marking a significant milestone in his acting career.
  • Industry Challenges: He faces the harsh realities of the entertainment industry, including competition, rejections, and the pressures of fame.
  • Personal Growth: Su-hyun’s experiences lead to significant personal growth, as he learns to balance his past regrets with his new opportunities.

These events highlight Su-hyun’s resilience and determination as he strives to make the most of his second chance.

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Characters and Their Dynamics

Kang Su-hyun

Kang Su-hyun is the protagonist of the story. Initially portrayed as a man burdened by his past failures, his rebirth as a child offers him a unique opportunity for redemption. Su-hyun’s primary motivation is to achieve success and rectify the mistakes of his past life. Throughout the story, his character evolves from a self-critical adult to a determined and ambitious child actor. His journey is marked by moments of self-discovery, where he learns to value perseverance, hard work, and the importance of pursuing his dreams despite the obstacles.

Supporting Characters:

Several supporting characters play crucial roles in Su-hyun’s journey:

  • Mentor Figure: An experienced actor or director who recognizes Su-hyun’s potential and provides guidance and support.
  • Childhood Friends: Peers from his past who re-enter his life and offer both support and challenges.
  • Rival Actor: A fellow child actor who becomes Su-hyun’s main competitor, pushing him to improve and strive for excellence.
  • Family Members: Su-hyun’s family, whose dynamics and relationships influence his decisions and emotional well-being.

These characters contribute to Su-hyun’s development, offering support, rivalry, and personal connections that enrich the narrative.

Themes and Genre


“This Life Starts as a Child Actor” spans multiple genres, including drama, slice of life, supernatural, and web comic. The drama element captures the emotional and professional challenges Su-hyun faces, while the slice of life aspect provides a realistic portrayal of his day-to-day experiences. The supernatural twist of being reborn adds a unique layer to the story, and the web comic format makes it accessible to a broad audience.


The manhwa delves into several key themes:

  • Redemption: Su-hyun’s journey is fundamentally about seeking redemption for his past failures and striving to build a better future.
  • Perseverance: The story highlights the importance of perseverance in the face of adversity, showcasing Su-hyun’s determination to succeed.
  • Challenges of the Entertainment Industry: It provides an inside look at the competitive and often harsh world of acting, exploring the pressures and demands faced by child actors.

These themes resonate with readers, offering both entertainment and meaningful insights.

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Reception and Reviews

General Reception

The general reception of “This Life Starts as a Child Actor” has been positive, with readers praising its unique premise and compelling character development. Many appreciate the fresh take on the rebirth trope, combined with the intricate details of the acting industry. The protagonist’s journey of self-improvement and redemption resonates with readers, adding depth to the narrative.

However, some criticisms include occasional pacing issues and predictable plot points. Despite these minor drawbacks, the overall feedback is favorable, with readers eager to follow Su-hyun’s journey.

Comparison with Other Works

Compared to other manhwas or webtoons with similar themes, “This Life Starts as a Child Actor” stands out due to its focus on the entertainment industry and the detailed portrayal of an actor’s life. Unlike typical rebirth stories that focus on revenge or romance, this manhwa emphasizes personal growth and professional challenges. The blend of drama, slice of life, and supernatural elements creates a distinctive narrative that sets it apart from other works.

Publication and Availability

Where to Read

Readers can access “This Life Starts as a Child Actor” on several platforms, including:

  • MangaMirror
  • Surya Toon
  • MyAnimeList

These platforms offer the latest chapters and updates, making it easy for fans to stay current with the story.

Translation Status

The manhwa is currently available in English and is being actively translated. Platforms like Novel Updates provide information on the latest translated chapters, ensuring that non-Korean readers can enjoy the series.

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Related Media and Adaptations

Potential Adaptations

As of now, there are no official adaptations of “This Life Starts as a Child Actor” into anime or other media formats. However, given its popularity and compelling storyline, it has the potential to be adapted into an anime series or even a live-action drama. Fans often speculate and express their hopes for such adaptations, which could bring the story to a wider audience.

Fan Engagement

The manhwa has a dedicated fanbase that actively engages in discussions on forums, fan sites, and social media platforms. Fans share fan art, theories, and discussions about their favorite scenes and characters. Platforms like Reddit, Discord, and specialized fan sites host vibrant communities where readers can connect and share their enthusiasm for the series.


“This Life Starts as a Child Actor” offers a compelling blend of drama, slice of life, and supernatural elements, making it a standout in the manhwa genre. Its focus on personal growth and the challenges of the acting world provides readers with an engaging and meaningful experience. Whether you’re a longtime fan or new to the series, this comprehensive guide highlights why “This Life Starts as a Child Actor” is a must-read.

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FAQs about “This Life Starts as a Child Actor”

What Is “This Life Starts as a Child Actor” About?

It is a manhwa about Kang Su-hyun, who after a life of failures and a fatal accident, wakes up as his younger self and begins a new life as a child actor.

Who Are the Main Characters in the Manhwa?

The main character is Kang Su-hyun, a former failed adult who is reborn as a child. Other key characters include various industry professionals and peers who influence his acting career.

What Genres Does the Manhwa Fall Under?

The genres include Drama, Slice of Life, Supernatural, and Web Comic.

Who Are the Creators of “This Life Starts as a Child Actor”?

The manhwa is written by Maneul Sogeum and Mental Garumon, with artwork by Earl Greymon.

Where Can I Read “This Life Starts as a Child Actor”?

The manhwa can be read on platforms like MangaMirror, Surya Toon, and MyAnimeList.

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